Steve Randall

I've been teaching guitar to adults and older children for more than a decade and have a current roster of over 30 students (including a group lesson on Mon evenings at 7:00pm) who are learning everything from basic strumming to more advanced technique and theory. Many of my students have been coming to me for years for patient, non-judgemental and fun instruction.

My method focuses on recognizing simple patterns and building a solid understanding of a few basic principles, then progressing in small increments from there. Rather than memorizing countless separate bits of information, we'll work on broader concepts from which we can derive nearly everything else. For example, with general chord and scale theory, I walk you through the harmonization of the major scale, leaving no doubt where the diatonic chords come from, which then helps you better understand the basic modes. Likewise, to see how that information lays out on guitar specifically, I've found it effective to use the CAGED system, again building up from simple ideas - triads to pentatonics - and then full scales.

The same big-picture approach applies to rhythm, which I describe as simple combinations and variations on a few straightforward principles.

Then again, if you already know your theory backward and forward, or don't care to know any at all and just want to learn some new songs, techniques, or licks, we can do that. I can help you work on basic mechanics if you want to smooth out your playing. This can be particularly useful for picking-hand technique, whether you prefer fingerstyle, flatpick or hybrid.

A lot of my gigging work recently has been in the tele-twang/hillbilly-jazz realm with various country and alt-country bands. I can show you some cool tricks in that genre, as well as blues, rock, folk, bluegrass or jazz.

In any case, I try hard to assess where you're already at, and listen to what it is you really want to learn. After teaching for several years, I think I've learned from my wide variety of students what works well, and how to get results quickly. All the while keeping you motivated and making it fun.

I'm lucky enough to be gigging frequently with several artists/bands for whom I have a lot of respect, and have a pretty decent resume (even won a few awards), which I'd be happy to discuss if you're interested. But more importantly for your purposes, I think I'm as good an instructor as I am a player, and I really do genuinely enjoy teaching.

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